Saint-Briac Classic 2021, how to end the year in style!

We are well in 2022. But before attacking the new year, we must finish the previous one! This is what Saint-Briac Classic 2021 once again offered. People have been talking to me about this event for some time in such glowing terms that this year for the 10th edition, I had decided to take my beauty for the last one. times of the year.

A special event

It has become an end-of-year ritual in the Saint-Malo region, for the public hungry for warm and friendly events. Saint-Briac Classic 2021 was organized by Saint-Briac Sport Motor. This club, created in 2011 and with around one hundred members with nearly 300 vehicles, organizes a few annual events in the Brittany region. A beautiful book of photos of the members of the club and their vehicle in exceptional settings as well as an exhibition was topical this year. The most important of these events remains that of New Year’s Eve.

Motivated as never before, my son’s co-pilot and I were determined to fire the Special Flash of the Aronde on this last morning of the year, with the firm intention of living the Saint-Briac Classic 2021 of the inside. Especially since we had an appointment on site with a lady of the beautiful world. (The explanations follow a little further)

Unfortunately, fate had decided otherwise since the ignition of granny had chosen to stay to sleep in ‘. Resigned and disappointed, (but who has not experienced abortive rides when driving with cars over 60 years old), we are therefore heading towards the Saint-Briac Classic 2021 in modern, without forgetting to do without the good old Rock’n Roll à la papa.

Saint-Briac Classic 2021: cars for all tastes

First greeted by a famous Volvo P1800 and a beautiful Jaguar XJS V12, we quickly realize the great variety of participants.

All ages, from ancestors to the most recent productions, all categories from the most popular to the most elite.

From the 4l and the Delage, from the Anglia to the Rolls (a beautiful 1958 Silver Cloud recently from Holland that you will be able to discover in detail this year), from the Fiat 500 to the Ferrari, from the Jeep to the GT40, you can really find everything at Saint-Briac Classic 2021.

Rare on gatherings, a Opel Diplomat 2.8l E from 1971. Auto that I had never met, an Opel / GM with 6 Cylinders in line. If you know others, don’t hesitate to let us know, she’s looking for girlfriends.

With the latter, it is Austin-Healey 100 bright red that caught my attention. There was something special about this beautiful Englishwoman, the driving gloves left casually on the passenger seat were a real invitation to take the wheel.

Quirky side, a small assembly of VW Combi adorned, for some, their most beautiful light garland were there to bring a touch of madness.

Let’s not forget the 2 wheels, from the Solex to the BMW.

The large public and of all ages seemed delighted to be able to stroll down the main street admiring the beautiful old Saint-Briac Classic 2021, memories of youth for the oldest, cruising dreams admired by all for the youngest …

The owners, open to details and anecdotes, give even more life to this industrial heritage which will meet this large audience of Saint-Briac Classic 2021.

An excellent moment or a scent of joie de vivre and sausage pancakes, (it’s part of our DNA in Brittany), floated in this extraordinary place that is Saint-Briac.

Especially since the milder weather made you want to linger there and end the year on a high note.

Thanks to the Saint-Briac Sport Motor for this wonderful event and for their simple and warm welcome.

See you next year in Simca… to accompany the Ariane, the Simca 5, the 1000, the 1100, the Samba Rallye, the Aronde Océane… that I passed.

Come on, some other beautiful ones to finish this last one of the year 2021:

Additional photos: Henri Auriacombe

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