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With rising fuel prices, theft attempts are on the rise. In the UK, service stations experience an average of three attempts per day.

Rising fuel prices, combined with global inflation affecting many products, are having a heavy impact on consumers’ wallets. Reason why fuel thefts are on the rise.

In the UK, the newspaper The Guardian attempted to quantify the phenomenon. Its results, published in an article dated Saturday, June 11, are edifying. Gas stations in the country face on average almost three theft attempts every day. Per month, this figure can climb up to 3,000 attempts!

Between January and May, the number of reports related to a payment not made increased by 39%according to Forecourt Eye, a company collecting payments from 1,000 stations in the country. The British Oil Security Syndicate (BOSS) stated that the theft attempts had increased by 22% during the mere first week of Junecompared to that of May.

Two types of thieves at gas stations

Luke Bosdet, spokesman for the Automobile Association (AA) distinguishes between two types of thieves. There arethe desperate and the organized. The first ones “depend on their car, motorbike or scooter to get to work. But their finances have been hit by the cost of living crisis. Fuel theft then becomes an act of desperation. »

The others are “organized thieves, who consider the high price of an essential product to be very lucrative and easy to resell. “There is no doubt that there is a link between rising fuel prices and increased incidents of crime related to fuels in service stations”summarizes Claire Nichol, director general of the British Oil Security Syndicate (Boss).

And the price of fuel has only increased lately, making this product a little more inaccessible… and attractive. Recently, the full threshold at 100 pounds (i.e. 117 euros) for a family car of 55 liters has just been exceeded. fivepence aid (six euro cents) per liter from the British government is obviously not enough to counter this increase.

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