Right in the middle of the highway, he nearly hit a wild bear!

Yes yes, you read the title correctly! A few days ago, in Connecticut, a motorist almost hit a wild animal while driving on the highway.

If it is very rare to come across a wild animal on the highway, it can unfortunately happen. However, some animals are larger than others. And in the video that we are going to see here, its author had a great fright when he crossed paths with a black bear!

As he drove quietly in the left lane, the huge animal suddenly appeared in his field of vision. The latter was crossing the tracks at full speed after realizing that he was not in his place.

But let animal lovers rest assured, the bear in question managed to cross without being hit. Only here, he owes that in large part to the very good reflexes of the author of this video who knew how to give a swerve at the right time without losing control of his car.

It really took a bit!

It is quite miraculous that this incident did not end in a big accident in the middle of the highway. Obviously, we should be happy about this, especially since, in this situation, the consequences could have been dramatic.

More fear than harm, but you will know it now, in Connecticutwatch out for the bears!

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