Renault pays tribute to Zidane on his 50th birthday

Like the R5, Zinédine Zidane celebrates her 50th birthday on June 23, 2022. The occasion was too good for Renault, which pays tribute to her without naming her in an advertisement.

Zinédine Zidane turns 50 this Thursday, June 23, 2022. On this occasion, the native of Marseille is honored by theCrew. It is indeed the front page of the magazine of the day, and many pages are devoted to it.

However, in this year 2022, Renault also has an event to celebrate: 50 years of the iconic R5. The opportunity for the manufacturer to pay tribute to ‘Zizou’ was too good. Reason why the Losange unveiled a tribute advertisement in theCrew of the day.

I am 50 years old, can we read on this poster. I was born in 1972. I started my sports career in the 80s. 5 is a special number for me. I have won many trophies. I have wearing the colors of France. I make millions of French people dream. I am known all over the world. I like to make myself very small, even if I have a strong character. Rumors circulate about my return to France. »

Renault 5 Zidane advertising

The Renault 5 ad in question

Renault’s tribute full of winks to Zidane

Renault not being a partner of Zidane, impossible to mention his name. But this succession of winks and comparisons is particularly well chosen and does not leave no room for doubt.

Zidane, like the Renault 5, was born in 1972. The player began his career in 1981, when the car distinguished itself in rallying, in particular. The man has worn number 5 during his years at Real Madrid. Rumors are circulating about a potential arrival in PSG staff, when Renault will reissue the R5 in 2024.

So there is everything to make an ad that gets noticed. Especially since Renault was not the only one on the spot. “Our sales teams spoke with several advertisers for Zizou’s 50th anniversary”recently specified Jérôme Cazadieu, editorial director of the newspaper l’Crew, in the program Culture Médias d’European 1.

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