rapper Rohff restores the truth and innocent Karim Benzema

It’s a story that dates back to December 2009. At that time, the young Karim Benzema was on vacation on the island of Reunion and had been the victim of a car accident. Today, Rohff makes things clear.

In 2009, for his birthday party on Reunion Island, Karim Benzema did not fail to stand out. And for good reason, the very young Real Madrid player had been involved in a car accident driving a Lamborghini.

The tabloids were then unleashed around this story but finally, everything was settled. No injuries having been declared, the case quickly ran out of steam.

Well, almost 13 years later, his friend, rapper Rohff spoke about this accident in the emission of Guillaume Pley, “The HQ”.

Indeed, the musician was present that evening and worse still, he just confessed that he was the one driving the Lamborghini and not the current scorer of the France team!


As the rapper indicates, there is now a prescription around this story and this improvised and, let’s face it, stupid race. But the latter still recounts this unusual event with a slight shame in the voice : “we ran away like cowards after that”.

But now for KB9, its reputation around the automobile is restoredhe who loves collectible cars so much.

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