Rallye International du Pays de Fougères 2022, the beautiful output bodies on the Côte de Granit Rose

On this Saturday, May 21, Hugues, Vincent and Pierre were at the start of the Rallye International du Pays de Fougères 2022. Organized for the first time in 1995 by theAPPF (Automobile and Heritage of the Pays de Fougères)under the impetus of Patrick Rollet, this 26th edition marked the return of the event after two years of absence. For this heavy task, the decors of northern Brittany were chosen. With regard to the places discovered and the cars present, we guarantee that the event did not fail in the task.

Between Léon and Trégor… the treasure island

But the fact that it is his task? If this is to bring together collector cars in exceptional condition, sometimes unique, from all geographical backgrounds in places whose history, heritage and landscapes will leave no one indifferent, part of the mission is well fulfilled. . But if you add a sunny weather, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where the joy of meeting around a common passion is perceptible, then there, it’s a full house.

The APPF andAVIV (Old Vehicles of Ille et Vilaine)have been able to organize and animate this International Rally of the Pays de Fougères 2022 with a recipe that they master perfectly.

This one is not that simple. To interest participants who are geographically very distant and convince them to take their vehicles out of the museums where they are stored. Then you have to organize the stay, convince the municipalities of the significant economic interest that the arrival of the Rally represents and finally settle and ensure the smooth running of the Rallye International du Pays de Fougères 2022 by managing the unexpected.

With no less than 130 vehicles, nearly 300 people (not counting the many volunteers essential to the smooth running of such an event) this gives an idea of ​​the workload to be accomplished to prepare for this Rallye International du Pays de Fougères 2022. enough to spend a few sleepless nights…

An extraordinary line-up for this 2022 Rallye International du Pays de Fougères

During this edition, more than 120 exceptional vehicles responded to the APPF’s call. A selection that is reminiscent of a few examples presented at Dinard’s previous Concours d’Élégance.

Renault XA Phaeton Dinard Elegance 2021- Pays de Fougères International Rally 2022

The Channel Crossing

Let’s start this overview with the brand honored for this 2022 edition: Talbot (already mentioned during the Nantes Historic Auto Show), present with its English and French branches for the pre-war models. Note a 1935 BA 75 sedan in particularly bright green.

For the post-war French women, we touched on the exceptional with a T26 GSL with a 4.5L 6-cylinder engine and developing 170 hp! An exclusive vehicle sold in only 15 copies, certainly because of its dissuasive price (another is in the Heron collection otherwise). Note also a T14 LS Coach from 1956 with a hypnotic design, a T26 GSL on a scale of 0.9 in fact, and will sign the last stand for the brand.

To stay with our friends across the Channel, the Alvis and MG brands were well represented. I would quote my coaches of the day, a 1962 TD21 Coupé series 2 and a 1967 MGB driven by Denis and Juliette for the Alvis and Jean for the MG.

It wasn’t just the cars that were English at the Rallye International du Pays de Fougères 2022, their drivers were often as well. If you mastered a few words in the language of Shakespeare, it was possible to listen to great stories. Like that of Nick Dean, who tells us about his passion for MGs and his 1934 Type PA.

“I bought this MG in parts two and a half years ago. I completely rebuilt it. It is a model powered by a 939cc engine, with 4 gears. None are synchronized. It is therefore necessary to control the double clutch. I’ve been driving an MG since I was 18. I am on my seventh restoration. A few weeks ago, I still fell for another. It too will be restored. »

Nick came with his friend Roger who has owned a compressor model for 50 years. These two cars form a very charming duo within this Rallye International du Pays de Fougères 2022.

cock-a-doodle Doo

But let’s not forget the more “classic” French brands such as Citroën, Renault and Simca are also present. The aristocratic Coach 15CV Rosalie seen at the show Rennes Retro Passion in Rennes was there. The line of a DS 21 cabriolet made by Chapron too. The sound of the V8 from the no less elitist Simca Présidence still resonates in my ears (thanks to Philippe and Henri for the nice ride!).

One could not miss Amilcar with an admirable CGSS from 1927, taking its name from Chassis Grand Sport Surbaissé. This car did a lot for the brand due to its results on the circuit. Having followed the racing beast for a while on the route, I can tell you that while respecting the legislation, it showed us some beautiful remains. The beauty notably won the “Coup de Coeur Féminin” prize.

Other Eastern Jewelry

As for the rarities, we could meet a Steyr 220 McEvoy from 1938. Austrian manufacturer renowned for its weapons, it started an automobile and heavy goods vehicle activity in the early 1900s. This example is remarkable for its streamlined bodywork with the headlights in the grille work of McEvoy. He won the prize of the town of Morlaix. Also worth noting is a 1933 Wanderer W23 Cabriolet.

On the transalpine side, Lancia made people happy with two winners in the elegance contest (labelled FFVE) of the Rallye International du Pays de Fougères 2022, organized on Sunday in Morlaix. First with a Belna-Labourdette from 1935, a unique and exceptional model presented at the 1935 Motor Show. It won the prize in the category “Pre-war model under 2 litres”.

Another winner, the 1957 Lancia Aurelia B24 S with its still captivating line. Finally, the icing on the cake, we could admire a 1939 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Touring, already seen on Dinard Elégance, like some of its sisters.

The space conquest

The Americans were not left out. No less than five Studebakers made their mark with their unique style. Studebaker Commander and Champion of 1953 and 1955, Flight Hawk (note the fasteners on the front cover, particularity of the French models) and a Avantithe last representative of the brand.

Mother Nature’s Show

It is well known that the Breton is not particularly chauvinistic… but it must be admitted: God, Brittany is beautiful!

The 2022 Rallye International du Pays de Fougères was spread over three days, but Saturday alone was a real treat. The morning coastal roads allowed us to discover landscapes in a perfect echo of the coachwork of yesteryear. Wild and picturesque, the pleasure was total.

Each bend let us discover a grandiose maritime spectacle. A break to quench your thirst in the Carantec car park with drinks served on the AVIV Bus, was a delight for the participants. The walkers who were there were able to admire the beauties. I even saw a 4L come stroll among the illustrious guests.

After a good lunch with a view of the sea, we hit the road again for a very enriching cultural circuit among the “parish enclosures” emblem of this part of our Brittany. A special thank you to Jean Hérisset, my driver, who shared with us his unlimited knowledge of the history of heritage and who gave the ride a special reflection.

A moment of pure happiness

Driving to the sweet sound of 4, 6, 8, even 12 cylinders in the company of vehicles that have made automobile history on roads where nature and man are still in harmony, inevitably leaves lasting memories.

The black silhouette of the BMW motorcycles that opened the way and guided us, the infectious smiles of the volunteers, the purple stern of an Amilcar, are images that still accompany me before I fall asleep…

For our first participation, this International Rally of the Pays de Fougères 2022 will have left us with an exceptional memory. Impossible not to be intoxicated by the quality of the cars present, the Breton heritage of the Pays de Morlaix or the warm atmosphere generated by the organisation, the volunteers and the participants.

Despite the rarity of the models entered, this beautiful event does not remain exclusive either. You could find both 2CVs and MG Bs there. For all that it represents and brings to its spectators, let’s not be afraid of words, it’s a rolling museum like you rarely see in France, the International Rally du Pays de Fougères 2022 deserves the popularity of events like the Tour de Bretagne!

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