Porsche Taycan 2022 arrives in new colors and better technology

Cars – Porsche presented the new 2022 Taycan models with updates, despite the car’s launch not long ago. The updates included the Porsche Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo. Updates have included thermal management and charging functions. This allows for faster and higher charging rates while using more heat than before to improve the temperature regulation of the battery.

Remote Park Assist is now also available, enabling remote control of parallel and perpendicular parking maneuvers via a smartphone. The system can automatically detect and measure parking spaces using various ultrasonic sensors and cameras. And if there’s enough space, the Porsche Connect app can start the parking process. The driver can then get out of the car. The driver remains in control of the process by pressing and holding a button in the application interface, stopping the parking action the moment the button is released.

The car also got Android Auto for the first time. The infotainment system has also been modernized, with Voice Pilot gaining a better understanding of instructions in everyday language and displaying its information more clearly with redesigned graphics. The layout and operating system have also been slightly updated with five menu options instead of the three to the left of the center display.

Porsche has added some new colors, including some that were popular in the 964th generation of the 911. Colors are now available in addition to the 17 standard colors. Currently, 65 additional colors have been added, including Moonlight Blue Metallic, Acid Green, Rubystone Red, Riviera Blue, and Viola Metallic. The new year model will be officially launched from next September.

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