Passing behind a car in reverse, bad idea

While trying to park, this motorist almost ran over a young woman. Yes but now, the latter could have made the effort not to pass right behind him.

For some, achieving a niche is already almost a feat. But it becomes even more so when the place in question is extremely small and the maneuvers very delicate.

So imagine doing that, but with pedestrians constantly crossing behind you. Well that’s what this motorist went through and you’re going to see it, it’s not fun at all. On the contrary, it almost ended in a regrettable accident.

Because yes, while he was in reverse to adjust his niche, this driver first saw a first passer-by sneaking up behind him. He nearly crushed her, but more fear than harm.

Well, that’s probably what he was thinking before seeing another pedestrian disembark who, she, too, tried to slip between the author of the video and the car in reverse. It wasn’t very smart on his part and it almost ended badly.

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A little judgment…

It was quite easy to see that this motorist was desperately trying to back up and yet, this pedestrian all the same wanted to pass behind him. As a result, he hit it lightly and it was all pretty predictable…

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