Paid parking is expanding in this city

This Wednesday, June 1, paid parking will continue to expand in various districts of Bordeaux. A new step, preceding other extensions in the months to come.

Paid parking spreads a little more the city of Bordeaux. From this Wednesday, June 1, the inhabitants of boulevards between the barrier of Pessac and that of Toulousein the center of the city, will have to pay to park their vehicle.

This decision is in line with the new municipal plan. Thus, almost every month has its ” additional regulated parking area“. In April, the boulevards between the Pessac barrier and the Judaic barrier were the first affected.

They will be followed in October des Chartrons, Grand Parc and from rue du Jardin-Public to the Quai des Chartrons. The neighborhood Bordeaux maritime will be affected in December. Before a third phase of the boulevards, from February 2023. We also mention the Bastide (in April), the boulevards on the Bègles side (in September), Caudérancôté Bordeaux Park (in November) and the rest of the boulevards.

Fight against the lack of places

Regulated parking tends to respond “to the problems of lack of spaces, inconvenient parking, suction cup cars, congestion on the sidewalks, safety, pollution”estimates the municipality in remarks reported by South West. Other measures to all these problems exist however. Macaroons, for example, to avoid suction cup cars. However, the municipality clearly wish disgust car users and don’t hide it.

Interestingly, the townspeople seem quite favorable to this device. Thus, the sectors targeted by these measures have mostly come out in favor of the switch to regulated parking. South West note, however, that few households responded to the survey launched on the subject. Did the information go well?

Currently, the price of a parking pass in Bordeaux is 13.75 euros per month, or 165 euros at once. Find the various terms and conditions on

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