On board a BMW M3 GTS E92, he sends himself to more than 320 km / h on the highway!

It’s the return of AutoTopNL and unlike Team Rocket, they are certainly not here to play tricks on us! On the contrary, the goal is to delight us, both the eyes and the ears.

What could be better for lovers of the automotive world than attending a lap at the wheel of a BMW M3 GTS E92 ? Well if you don’t have the answer yet, wait until you watch this video and you will know.

Indeed, the German racing car was kindly lent to the guys from AutoTopNL and as usual, the videographers treated themselves to a little ride on the autobahn. And for good reason, some portions of the German motorway have no speed limit and this allows the fastest cars to express themselves.

You will be able to see it here, this M3 E92 GTS is very much part of this category but just for fun, she proves it to us once again!

It sends strong!

With a 4.4-liter V8 under the hoodthe BMW is able to develop the trifle of 450 horsepower! All for a maximum speed estimated at 305 km/h, but as you can see in the video, the beautiful German can go even higher than that.

Yes, towards the end of the ride, the speedometer of the M3 easily exceeds 320 km/h and also offers us a superb symphony. So, we fasten our belt, and we appreciate.

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