Motorcycle and scooter promotions guide for the month of January 2022

In November, new promotions are rare and they are even scarce. But some do exist, like a brand waiting in the hearth for a breath to rekindle the flame. This is because we get used to paying less for our beauties, especially in this period of gifts and expenses that we want less.

Particularly in the brands of the Piaggio group, which is still very active in this area. New to our pages, Zero Motocycles is increasing its offer, while we notice an emphasis on electric models. The opportunity to promote the bonus associated with the purchase of a model at Watts. From 100 to 1,100 € depending on the model. We have therefore decided to clarify the offers and include them in this guide. Do we ever know. Well, to be honest, on the Japanese side, we have to polish our weapons and pray for the models to arrive, so it is easier to go for a walk in the dealership in order to see directly on the ground. Indeed, if the offers are not national and official, the dealers are always so welcoming and considerate with their future (or not) customers.

Happy reading to you, happy shopping and above all, as always, if you hear of a promo, please let us know through emails or comments. To contact us : our contact form.

See you soon !

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