Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2022: Sunday in photos

Sunday marked the last day of the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2022. And Sunday, in the principality, is race day!

A day of racing at the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2022

We will detail each of the races, with all the rankings, in a future article. In the meantime, here are some photos to immerse you in the unique atmosphere of this unparalleled historic race.

Obviously, it’s not just on the track that there were beautiful things to see! A quick tour of the grid, the paddocks and the podium.

No chance !

The Monegasque driver of Scuderie Ferrari, Charles Leclerc, currently leading the Formula 1 World Championship was the unmissable “guest” of this Sunday’s Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2022. It’s at the wheel of the 1974 Ferrari 312 B3 that he took to the track for a few demonstration laps. Problem… all his talent wasn’t enough when he lost the brakes at La Rascasse, damaging the rear of the car.

See you very soon for the results of all the races this Sunday.

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