Minutes after getting her driver’s license, she crashes her brother’s car

A few days ago, in Spain, a young woman was talked about on social networks. And unfortunately for her, it was her driving skills that were called into question…

When she had just finished her driver’s license exam, the young woman sent a video full of joy and relief in his family’s Whatsapp group.

Congratulations were then in order but the jubilation did not last long. No, a few minutes after getting her license, she got into her brother’s car to a small parade in front of the house.

Her mother was filming the whole thing but was far from suspecting what was going to happen.


Reply to @manchitero69 Aquí tenéis el storytime y el resultado🤣🙃

♬ sonido original – ingriiid_12

Dumpling of the year

In this first video, you could see the famous discussion. But rest assured, even if you don’t speak Spanish, it is not difficult to understand that mademoiselle went from laughter to tears in a few minutes.

And for good reason, when arriving home aboard his brother’s Peugeotshe lost control and completely rammed the neighbors car.

Luckily no injuries. but a lot of damage and above all, a first hour of license … complicated.

Come on, without further ado, here is the arrival with a bang!


Se me olvidó que era viernes 13🫠🤣 #fyp

♬ sonido original – ingriiid_12

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