Mercedes unveils an all-new test car in collaboration with an American musician

Al Murabaa Net – Mercedes has unveiled a new concept car, unique in its exterior design, whose features were defined by American musician Will.I.Am.

Musician William has been the Mercedes-AMG ambassador for electric and hybrid cars since September 2021 and supports Mercedes’ outreach to marginalized sectors in the United States, and the musician contributed to defining the design of the introduction in particular.

The front is really unconventional, and seems to be inspired by the G-Class, and the classic Ford Mustangs from the sixties according to William himself, knowing that the car is generally based on the current AMG GT model.

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The car got completely new rims, and new “suicide” doors, as shown in the attached photos. Mercedes has not revealed interior or rear photos for the time being, which means that it has mostly not changed significantly.

Mercedes did not specify the specifications of the engine either, which could be a 6-cylinder with 362 hp like the AMG GT 43 engine, or it could be a twin-turbo 8 cylinder with 639 hp from the GT 63 S. We do not expect Mercedes to launch a production model based on this car.

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