Mercedes S680 Guard. Armored limousine faces explosions in a new way

Mercedes is currently in a transition phase as it separates from Daimler and creates its own company, but that has not diminished the quality of its cars. The Mercedes S-Class is considered one of its most expensive and most engineering-superior cars. But even this car is not all the German automaker can do. Mercedes has introduced the S680 Guard, an armored limousine capable of withstanding blasts and other heavy artillery attacks. Sure, it has a similar price tag to a Lamborghini, but it does offer some superior occupant protection capabilities, and now those claims have been verified in a series of grueling tests.

This is more than just an armored car, Mercedes said, with the Integrated Protection System (ISS) acting as a self-supporting protection cell. This is a change from previous models where protective materials have been incorporated into the standard bodywork. And in this case, the regular aluminum body of the S-Class acts as a cover for the armored part and not the other way around. This also helps mask the multi-layered glass pane which features interior glass surfaces covered with polycarbonate to protect against splinters. Along with other armor components, the S680 Guard is exceptionally secure, as proven by a certification obtained by VPAM, a consortium of testing centers for attack-resistant materials and structures.

And the evaluation of the car corroborated Mercedes’ claims, as it became the first vehicle to complete the current tests. It also scored the highest on all three tests (ceiling, floor, and side), with a rating of “no injuries” for the hyper-realistic dolls inside. These dolls were scientifically developed to mimic the structure and composition of the human body, and although evaluations were based on which doll or seat was most affected, the car cost about $540,000.

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