Mercedes and Volkswagen ready for the end of the heat engine

Mercedes and the Volkswagen group say they are ready for the end of the combustion engine in Europe by 2035. Although there is still a long way to go.

Mercedes and the Volkswagen group are reassuring about their ability to switch to 100% electric in the European Union. Both builders have said they believe this plan isachievable by 2035, as planned.

The European Union’s decarbonisation strategy is ambitious but achievablethus declares the mark of Wolfsburg. It is the only way ecologically, technologically and economically reasonable replace combustion engines as fast as possible “. However, the firm does not hesitate to suggest that this transition to electrical energy is “irreversible”according to comments reported by Automotive News.

On the Mercedes side, we are even more prepared. “From 2030, we are ready to go all-electric wherever markets allowsays Eckart von Klaeden, head of external relations at Mercedes, to the German press agency (DPA). “The decision requires policy makers to ensure that the necessary infrastructure is in placewarns however on the side of the manufacturer.

Mercedes and Volkswagen, not the first to be ready

By declaring this, these companies join in particular Ford, Jaguar, Stellantis. The latter have indeed declared that they would be ready by 2035 at the latest to switch to all-electric in Europe.

Remember that the ban on combustion engines for cars and light commercial vehicles by 2035 was voted by the European Parliament this Wednesday, June 8. With this, MEPs hope to make Europe a carbon-neutral continent by 2050.

However, this law still needs to be set up by each of the 27 countries of the European Union. What is not yet recorded everywhere, given the difficulties raised by such a decision. Germany, France or Italy, in particular, with a particularly large automotive industrycould still call this into question.

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