Luis Hamilton,… a newspaper cracks on the names of the pilots

A Spanish daily has completely cracked when publishing the ranking of F1 drivers, at the end of the race in Azerbaijan.

The names of Formula 1 drivers are not all easy to spell. Without informing himself, a novice will quickly make a small mistake. But when it comes of a major mediathat there is a fault in almost every name and that it even goes until the inventionthe dimension is no longer the same.

However, this is what happened on Monday after the Baku Grand Prix. The Spanish daily The Voice of Galicia (La Voix de Galice) has thus published a ranking of the event and the championship. So far so good. But looking at the ranking, we can have serious doubts about the seriousness of the approach.

Indeed, Pierre Gasly suddenly renamed himself… “ Pedro Gaseoso ! Which literally means ” Pedro Gazeux“. Why not after all ? To continue in this parallel world, this famous Pedro evolves at… “ Alpha“. Romeo? Tauri? No idea.

The first names of F1 drivers… translated!

Certain other names of pilots, like teams, seem to have been switched to Google Translate. Thus, we discover a jorge russell“, in the classification of the race. More surprisingly, the classification of the championship makes him state of a ” G.Russel“. That’s almost it, try again. The daily indeed speaks visibly of george russell.

His teammate ” Luis Hamilton is not spared either. Just as a certain Carlos Leclerc“. A hybrid between Charles Leclerc and his teammate Carlos Sainz ? We let you imagine that…

Finally, we note that Fernando Alonso has visibly changed teams. The name of the Spaniard is not skinned. On the other hand, he no longer drives for Alpine, but for a certain “Alpino” stable. It sounds happier. We can’t wait to see what they will do on the track!

We would almost regret that Red Bull was not translated. Max Verstappen on a “Toro Rojo”, sounds good, right?

See you from June 17 to 19 for the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal.

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