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Al Murabaa Net – Road digging is one of the most important dangers that motorists can face. As they are usually large-sized holes, which may cause serious damage to the various parts of the car, in addition to exposing the security and safety of the car to the risk of accidents.

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In view of the danger of skipping road pits, especially the large ones, we review the damage it causes to your car, as follows:

Damaged shock absorbers and struts
Tire wear: punctures, uneven wear and more
Scratches and damage to the wheel rim
Damage to the air suspension system
Malfunctions in the car tires and steering system
Exhaust system or engine damage

square netTo avoid the dangers of digging the road Experts believe that the best solution to confront the potholes in the event of their sudden appearance, is to reduce the speed as much as possible while alerting the drivers behind you by turning on the warning lights to avoid rear-end collisions.

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