Learn about the 9 largest car screens in the world among the models available for sale in the market today

Whether you are with it or against it, car touch screens are spread in various types of companies and models, and this invention has changed the way we deal with cars, it is true that using them incorrectly may distract the driver on the road, but with the large number of buttons and controls in modern cars contribute The touch screens in the cars are in a quieter design mode and less crowded in the cabin.

Of course, today’s car screens have greatly evolved from the first car screen that was used, which many say is the 9-inch screen in the 1986 Buick Riviera, but the debate about the negative effects of these screens in terms of distracting the driver’s attention continues, despite From this, car companies are constantly introducing larger and larger car screens to replace the control buttons in the cabin, up to the point where you can dispense with all the control buttons in the cabin.

In a world where companies compete to provide car screens with a larger size, today we present to you, dear reader, the largest 9 car screens available in cars today, and the main image is for a car Payton m byte Which was tried by the founder of the ArabGT website, Mosab Shashaa two years ago, but unfortunately did not reach the stage of commercial production.

Ninth place for the largest car screens

9) Tesla car screen diagonal 15 inch

Tesla was one of the first car companies to use large car screens, as the company used them as an alternative to the long list of traditional buttons and controls when it launched its Tesla Model S. And today enjoy a car Tesla Model Y and a car Tesla Model 3 With a 15-inch interactive touch screen, these horizontal screens are bright and responsive.

On the other hand, some believe that Tesla overrelyed on the screen, as the driver needs to use the screen and even make the simplest adjustments, such as adjusting the side mirrors. Also, some drivers said that interacting with the screen of the Tesla car may be distracting to the driver’s attention, but the screens were very impressive In terms of displaying maps of the navigation system.

8th place

8) Ford touch screen with Sync4 system! 15.5 inches

best ford electric cars, Ford Mustang Mac E and pickup Ford F150 Lightning Each of them has a large 15.5-inch touch screen, which adds a touch of technological development to the cabin of the Ford cars, especially the F-150 Lightning. For a long time, pickup cars were not known to have advanced technologies in the cabin.

It should be noted that the 15.5-inch touch screen is available as a standard specification in the Mustang Mach E, while the Ford F150 Lightning pickup is available as an additional specification, while the entry-level and medium-spec models have smaller car screens.

These screens – large and small – work with the SYNC 4A system, which provides the feature of wireless communication with smartphones via the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems, while Ford car screens are also easy to use, especially with the volume control button, which the American company chose to use as it is and planted it at the bottom of the screen .

Seventh place for the largest car screens

7) The central touch screen in a 16-inch Rivian car

As you will notice in today’s article, dear reader, most electric cars have the largest interactive digital screens in the market, which is expected because car companies use their electric cars as a platform to display their latest inventions in technological stores.

In the seventh place, we find Rivian R1T Pickup Its cabin has a 16-inch touch screen in the middle of the dashboard, but unfortunately the American company chose to use its own operating system, which means that the screen is not compatible with smart phones running Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and the screen response speed is not what you might expect in a car. Completely new, but from an objective viewpoint, the American pickup truck has a lot of practical features away from the screen.

Sixth place

6) Porsche car curved screens measuring 16.8 inches

Few cars have the appeal of Porsche-branded cars, but the German car company is not famous for the technologies that the cabin offers, but the car Porsche Nikan It represented a big step in this field, as the electric sports car has a 16.8-inch curved screen in front of the driver that can be programmed to display many things, such as navigation system maps or gauges.

The interior of the Porsche Taycan also provides a 10.9-inch touch screen, a second 8.4-inch screen to control the air conditioning system, and an optional 10.9-inch touch screen for the front passenger next to the driver. But it may be frightening for older drivers who are used to driving old cars.

Fifth place

5) 17 inch Tesla center display

This is the second screen Tesla cars on our list today, and it comes from a car Tesla Model X And from the new Tesla Model S, both cars use recently updated 17-inch touch screens. The screens are available with all the specifications provided by the American Electric Vehicle Company, which includes the ability to watch movies or enjoy video games for the front passenger next to the driver.

But again, many of the functions have been transferred to the touch screen, in addition to the expected functions such as adjusting the air conditioning system, radio and seat location, the driver of a Tesla can only return the car to Reverse through the screen, it is true that you will get used to it in The end, but we prefer if the reverse position was a normal control tool, don’t you agree with us, dear reader?

fourth place

4) BMW theatrical screen size 31 inches

Although there are larger screens as you will see in today’s article, these screens integrate more than one screen into one frame, but if we are to be more precise, the BMW theatrical 31-inch screen deserves the title of the largest independent car screen in the world. This screen appeared as a new feature for passengers in the rear seats in the all-new 7 Series and i7 electric cars from the Bavarian manufacturer, and the screen has more advanced specifications than any car screen on our list today.

Watch ArabGT coverage of the 2022 BMW 7 Series launch

Passengers in the rear seats can quietly lower the screen from the ceiling automatically, while the screen resolution is up to 8k and 8000 x 2000 pixels for each column in the screen. Better for passengers.

With a Bowers & Wilkins Diamond premium audio system and the possibility of dimming the rear of the cabin at the touch of a button, the new BMW display is a milestone in passenger entertainment.

Third place for the largest car screens

3) The glass cabin of the 34-inch Lucid car

Enjoy the interior of a car Lucid Air With a spacious design that is quiet and simple to the point that makes Tesla Model S cars look like a traditional car next to it, the car gives drivers the feeling that it is a special futuristic car with the removal of many traditional controls in the cabin, in addition to a huge 34-inch screen in front of the driver with a resolution of 5K that the company calls the “glass cabin” .

This interactive screen is divided into a central instrument panel, a control panel to the left of the driver and a screen on the right that controls the entertainment and information systems, and there is a secondary screen at the bottom bearing the name “Driver Control Panel.” While the screens seem attractive in fact, the operating program used has Does not have the required response speed.

Second place

2) Cadillac’s 38-inch curved screen

As is the case in Lucid cars, Cadillac combines several screens in one unit in the new Cadillac Escalade, with a total size of 38 inches. The large screens that we have seen in today’s eyes, the huge screen may seem frightening to some, especially from drivers who are accustomed to traditional cars with small screens or even without any screen.

Watch the new Cadillac Escalade test drive

Thankfully, Cadillac has succeeded in making a system that is responsive and easy to use with logical menus of options and clear graphics, and a main instrument screen has been placed in the center measuring 16.9 inches, but the car also provides a rotary control for drivers who do not like to use the touch screen while driving.

The first place for the largest car screens

1) Mercedes EQS 580 screen 56 inch

As mentioned earlier, BMW has the largest screen of individual autonomous cars in the world, but in contrast, the 56-inch Mercedes screen, which bears the name (Hyperscreen) used in the EQS 580 cars as standard, looks nicer and more luxurious than any screen we have seen so far. The screen consists of a 12.3-inch instrument panel, a 17.7-inch central touch screen, and a 12.3-inch side screen for the driver and front passenger.

While some may think that the hyperscreen screen in the Mercedes electric car is too large, the screen represents a different level of digital screens more advanced than other cars, where the middle screen and the screen in front of the passenger use OLED technology, which provides better clarity in different levels of lighting. The Mercedes car screen is the most attractive among the types of car screens available in the market today.

It is worth noting, dear reader, that Musab Shashaa, founder of Arab GT website Try the Mercedes EQS 2022 when it is launched. You can watch the video of the Mercedes EQS 2022 experience below:

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