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Al Murabaa Net – The motor relies on many mechanical and electrical parts to operate with high efficiency, and the water pump is one of the most prominent of these pieces, It works to circulate water and pump coolant continuously to the engine, which maintains a constant temperature inside the engine.

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If the water pump is damaged, it causes a significant increase in the engine temperature, which brings many problems and malfunctions to it, and today we offer you a simple way to make sure that the pump is damaged, you just have to follow the following steps:

1- Park your car at night on a clean concrete floor, and if you are unable to do so, place a piece of light-colored paper directly under the engine.

2- In the morning and before starting the car, check the floor under the engine well. If you find the ground or the piece of paper is wet, this indicates a leak from somewhere, but to make sure that the leak is from the pump, you must note the color of the liquid, if the liquid is green or blue, this indicates On the color of the cooling water, and that the leakage of the pump.

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3- Check the water pump well, if you find drops of water or you see a small drip, this indicates a leak from the pump.

4- Open the front cover, then start the engine. If you hear a low squeaking sound, this indicates that the condition of the water pump is critical.

5- It is also possible to confirm that there is a problem with the pump by checking the condition of the water pump cylinder, by shaking the cylinder, if it is not stable, it needs to be changed.

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