Kia Seltos 2022 “Photos, Specifications and Prices”

square net – Kia The 2022 Seltos is a compact crossover that sits in the South Korean automakers’ lineup between the Kia Soul and its big sister Kia Sportage, to be a direct competitor to the Nissan Kicks, Honda HR-V and Hyundai Creta it shares. Its platform, and is characterized by its elegant youth-oriented design with many modern technologies, and today we will present to you the specifications and prices of the Kia Seltos 2022 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the exclusive agent of Kia Al Jabr Motors.

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Kia Seltos 2022

From the outside, it is characterized by Kia Seltos 2022 with a modern, sporty and youthful design, and you can see that clearly in the headlights integrated into the sporty front end and the black grille. The lights make a unique character in daytime or even at night.

Kia Seltos, square net

And if you look at it from the side, you will see a unique design for Kia Seltos that differs from the cars of the Korean factory, with a chrome strip extending to the rear, as well as sporty rims for the GT version and vice versa. The rear of the car has a distinctive sporty character.

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Kia Seltos 2022 interior

Entering the cabin, you will find it vibrant and sporty to the extreme, as you get sporty design seats and two wonderful colors of leather with red stitching and the GT logo on the headrest that give the impression that you are about to drive a sports car par excellence to match with the embroidered steering wheel and also equipped with control buttons system entertainment and more.

Kia Seltos, square net

It also comes with a giant screen due to the overlap of the screen of the entertainment system equipped with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and other features with the driver screen, which also combines traditional meters and digital information, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is that it is tactile and is made of a material that does not easily get dirty, i.e. no fingerprints on the screen when every use.

Aman Kia Seltos 2022

The vehicle is available with several active safety and driver assistance systems, including:

  • It has a strong structure because it contains a large proportion of high-strength and high-strength steel (AHSS) in all its body designs
  • PDW (PDW)
  • Rear view monitor (RVM)
  • 6 airbags protection system
  • Driving Intake System Selection Module
  • Intelligent cruise control

Available with “Drive Wise” devices, DRIVE WiSE is the Kia sub-brand that incorporates the latest ADAS technology that ensures maximum safety for passengers and pedestrians while never sacrificing driving pleasure. DRIVE WiSE helps eliminate tiredness and fatigue even from The most exhausting daily commute.

Kia Seltos 2022 specifications

We get to the power, as the car derives from a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine with 123 hp and 151 Nm of torque. In other words, the engine provides enough power for your daily commute and its fuel consumption is very excellent (7.6 liters per 100 km) given that it is a small engine.

Kia Seltos, square net

Kia Seltos 2022 Price

In conclusion, the Kia Seltos 2022 is available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the agent Kia Al Jabr Company at the following prices:

LX B1 Priced at 83,488 SAR including tax
LX B2 Priced at 86,938 SAR including tax
EX two-tone paint Priced at 98,553 SAR including tax
EX L1 Priced at 100,968 SAR including tax

History of Kia Seltos

First revealed at the 2018 Auto Expo 2018, Kia’s mid-size SUV is the production model of the SP2i Concept.

In 2019, Kia announced that the name of the car will be Seltos, which is inspired by Greek mythology and specifically the legend of Seltos, son of Hercules.

Where the legend says that Heraclius had a son from his wife Celtos, the daughter of the Celtic king, Britanus, and his name was Celtos,

Which is considered the ancestor of the Celts, in addition to that it symbolizes the spirit of the hero Celtus, who is distinguished by courage and strength, and the letter ‘S’ in the name implies speed and sportiness of the car.

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Kia Algebra

After we got acquainted with the Kia Seltos 2022, we will get to know the dealer, as Al-Jabr Company first appeared in 1952 as a small trading company in foodstuffs. Automotive is the exclusive agent for Kia Motors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it was launched from the city of Khobar in 1956 and has continued to achieve success with the Korean company until the present time, and the company has provided its services to Kia customers through many branches spread throughout the Kingdom.

The branches of the Kia Al-Jabr Agency cover all parts of the Kingdom, as it has 43 different branches in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which include major cities such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Abha, Al-Khobar, Jubail, Madinah, Al-Ahsa. Qatif and Qassim. Kia Holding Company also offers the option of buying used cars, as it allows, through many branches located in the Kingdom, the possibility of buying used cars and financing them as well.

Al-Jabr Company appeared in 1952 as a small trading company in foodstuffs, and after that the company was able to obtain a distinguished position in the Saudi market through many different companies, and Al-Jabr Automotive Company was able to become one of the most important group of companies, as it is the exclusive agent for Kia Motors. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the beginning was from the city of Al-Khobar, specifically in 1956, and it has continued to achieve success with the Korean company until the present time.

history of kia

According to Kia Motors, the name “Kia” is derived from the Chinese-Korean language which means out of Asia. Kia is one of the oldest automobile companies founded in 1944 with its beginnings in the manufacture of steel tubes and bicycles. In 1952, Kia changed its name from Kyungsung Precision Industry to Kia Motors, after which it manufactured loads of motorcycles, trucks and cars.

Kia Motors grew from humble beginnings as a manufacturer of steel tubes and bicycles during the 1940s and 1950s.

In 1969, under Kia’s new slogan that roughly translates as “Out of Asia”, the company built its first car, the T-600 three-wheeler truck.

In 1998 Kia became part of the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group, embarking on a major expansion into new vehicle segments and markets that led to the founding of Kia Canada Inc, and the introduction of iconic vehicles such as the Kia Sportage, Rondo, Sedona and the all-new 2010 Spirit.

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Kia Seltos, square netKia Seltos, square netKia Seltos, square netKia Seltos, square netKia Seltos, square netKia Seltos, square netKia Seltos, square netKia Seltos, square netKia Seltos, square netKia Seltos, square netKia Seltos, square net

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