Jap’N’Car 2022: one foot in the Land of the Rising Sun

Last Saturday took place the Jap’N’Car 2022 on the Linas-Montlhery autodrome. An edition that reconnects with a growing audience and a great variety of cars. Let’s go !

The Jap’N’Car for neophytes

It is quite simply a collection of vehicles, the fruit of manufacturers in the land of the rising sun, ranging from the oldest in the collection, to the most modern, including youngtimers. This is how we will find vehicles that were initially sold in Europe as well as imports coming directly from Japan, with their right-hand drive.

Throughout the day, there are different categories to observe on the track. They are 5 in number and we added the vehicles on static display in the paddock and, for this Jap’N’Car 2022, a special exhibition dedicated to Honda.

Two Vintage & Youthtimers trays, just that!

That is to say that they were numerous. The 2 trays were sold out to the delight of the public who came to observe them… and your servant behind his device. You will find there a whole patchwork ranging from the small Honda S800 to the muscular Skyline GTR or Mitsubishi Lancer EVO, passing through models such as the Toyota Corolla GT-i 16 and some cars modified to swallow the circuit. A nice mix and all these beautiful people have fun on the track of the autodrome in joy and good humor.

Well, some are a little capricious at times, like the little S800 and its ignition finger broke on the second lap in the morning. Nothing very serious, it will be very quickly and easily repaired. We will see the friendly and happy owner behind the wheel again early in the afternoon.

As a bonus, here is a ride in one of the Mazda MX-5s on the track:


50 years of the Honda Civic

And yes, it is this year that it blows its birthday cake with a nice 50 years of existence and 11 evolutions of the model since its first version. The first Honda Civics were sold in July 1972.

With the Civic, the Japanese manufacturer was developing this car with the aim of exporting to win new markets, it needed an economical, simple and clean car (the new American standards, coming into force, wanted less polluting cars). The bet will be successful and to celebrate, during the Jap’N’Car 2022a rolling platform was dedicated to them as well as a parade in the middle of the day.

And the modern Japanese in all this?

Two other trays were this time dedicated to more recent cars, the first modern and sporty, the second Discovery Session. We’ll find plenty of Subaru Impreza and Nissan Z-series, but not only.

As in all the grids on this day, the gentlemen drivers rub shoulders with more seasoned drivers and all these beautiful people have fun without any complex. You will even see in the image the presence of a cross country champion coming out of the chicane. Need to put big gas I tell you!

Who says Japan, says Driiiiiift!

And yes ! We cannot dissociate Japan from a practice that is raging there to the point of being emulated here, the Drift! And there is no question that Jap’N’Car 2022 will skip it, otherwise the party wouldn’t be the same.

Moreover, the spectators are asking for more and for this 2 sessions are devoted to Team FT Racing here in demonstration. And it’s not Gerry, from Wheeler Dealers Francewhich will tell you otherwise. At the sight of his expression and his comments in front of the camera right next to me, he is delighted.

The Honda exhibition

Honda has, for the occasion, occupied the 1924 pavilion by exhibiting some vehicles of its production. And the star was there Honda NSX with no less than 3 models presented. Obviously, there was a retrospective of the history of the Civic for its 50 years. It is still THE reference of the Japanese manufacturer.

The day will end with the parade

And yes, it’s a tradition at each event taking place at the Autodrome de Linas-Montlhery, there is a parade at the end of the day. the Jap’N’Car 2022 will be no exception to the rule.

All vehicles that have driven or are exhibited during the day will do 2 laps of the track like a parade. And it’s a great success once again, because the complete lap of the circuit, and its 3.4 km, is a continuous line of vehicles.

I tell you very soon on theAutodrome of Linas-Montlhéry for the Cafe Racer Festivalwhich will be held on June 18 and 19.

I leave you with some additional photos of this wonderful day.

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