Its hood rises in the middle of the highway, not practical for driving safely

On the highway, the slightest problem can become ten times more dangerous than in a “normal” situation. But then no longer seeing the road in front of you, there’s no doubt about it, that’s the worst thing!

As he was driving quietly on a freeway in the United States, near New Yorkthe author of this video unsheathed his phone in the face of a really unusual situation.

Indeed, a few meters in front of him, a car triggered its hazard warning lights. Why ? The traffic is heavy, she is driving in the left lane, in short, this is not a place to stop!

However, as he approached said car, the driver filming the scene noticed a detail that was definitely wrong. Yes, the hood of the latter was completely raised and covered the windshield of the car!

Impossible for the driver to see anything and as we said, on the highway it is necessarily more annoying.

Dad sent me this on his way to NYC from IdiotsInCars

The worst possible place

Let’s hope that the motorists ended up letting the poor man stop in order to put his bonnet back in place. However, the left lane of a freeway is definitely not the best place to stop…

Especially since on these images, the traffic was quite dense and absolutely did not favor such a mechanical problem. No, that’s for sure, we don’t wish that on anyone!

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