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Cupra promises a downgrade by 2025 with this 100% electric UrbanRebel, equivalent to the size of a Seat Ibiza.

Cupra UrbanRebel – Revealed in the form ofa competition concept car, at the last Munich Motor Show (2021)the characterful urban future has just revealed lines closer to the model that will go into production in 2025.

Four years after its launch, and largely emancipated from its parent company SeatCupra affirms its ambitions for the future a little more. Whereas all hope that a Cupra Ibiza sees the light of day seems losta 100% electric future is looming for this eco-friendly alter-ego with dynamic lines, whose length is based on segment standards, with a rating of 4.03 m.

Cousin of the Volkswagen ID.1

Based on the platform of the future Volkswagen ID.1the Cupra UrbanRebel promises a level of performance to match its image, with a 166 kW electric motor, i.e. approximately 226 hp able to ship the 0 to 100 km/h in 6.9 sec. But, determined to cast a wide net, it should also offer more modest engines, like certain models currently in the catalog such as the Formentor which is content with 150 hp at the entry level. On the autonomy side, the city chip promises great versatility by being able to rally up to 440 km.

See you in 2025 to discover the final version of this Cupra UrbanRebel which is already positioned as a serious rival against the Peugeot e-208, in particular.

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