It comes out of its place in drift, hard to do more class!

If some manage to make us laugh a lot with their failed drifts, this motorist has us stuck!

We had already seen pilots park in parallel thanks to a drift which was already very impressive, but then getting out of a place like this is unheard of!

And for good reason, it requires exceptional control of your vehicle and driving in general. Because yes, the driver manages to get out of there by skidding but especially with a standing start and with very little space to maneuver!

The scene is extremely impressive, worthy of a Fast and Furious without hesitation!

In relaxation

Seeing these images, we say to ourselves that some are really light years away from this level of driving. And let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter since drifting out of place doesn’t do much good when you think about it.

But all the same, such a feat is underlined and in town, it can be very practical! It’s true, as much to park as to get out of a space, you sometimes have to have your pilot’s license because the parking spaces are so narrow.

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