Introducing the new Renault Megane 2022 with powerful specifications

Renault Megane is a compact sedan of French origin, manufactured in Turkey. The car is nicknamed the “Grand Coupe” due to its design, which is a four-door coupe thanks to the sloping roof. The car is presented in Egypt through its local dealer, EIM, Renault’s agent in the Egyptian market.

The car is available in its latest model in Egypt in its last improved version of the fourth generation, where the car is considered old and has a history. The car began to be produced in 1995, then the Mégane RS was introduced in the second generation to be a strong competitor in the hatchback category with an engine of 220 horsepower.

We are currently seeing the improved version of the fourth generation, which comes to offer a sporty, chic and distinctive exterior design, where we find the latest Renault design language used in the mid-size Renault Talisman sedan, and the interior design of the car also comes in harmony with many tools that make the car experience more modern.

The car is very distinctive on the design side, especially with the sloping roof that suggests a four-door coupe design, and the new Hyundai Elantra shares the same sloping roof that offers a youthful sports coupe design in the first place.

The car is classified as a compact sedan, and it comes in the Egyptian market to compete with cars such as the MG 6 and Kia Cerato, as well as the Ford Focus and Toyota Corolla, and also with the Skoda Octavia and Mazda 3.

Renault Megane specifications

height: 463.2 cm
the offer: 181.4 cm
Height: 144.3 cm
wheelbase: 271.1 cm
Height off the ground: 13.6 cm
Gasoline tank capacity: 50 liters
bag space: 503 liters and becomes 987 when the seats are folded

Owners reviews

To perform 8.5/10
Exterior 10 / 10
Interior Design 10 / 10
Comfort level 10 / 10
Salon room 9.5 / 10
Materials 10 / 10
Fittings 10 / 10
Safety 10 / 10

Renault Megane videos

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