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Mercedes, and more particularly AMG, implicitly reveals its future high-performance 100% electric supercar, expected in 2025.

Mercedes Vision AMG – Etoile’s high-performance division is preparing to transfer its DNA to a 100% electric futureand gives us a first glimpse of it.

The spectators of the feature film Without a sound (2018) know how thrilling silence can be, after following the adventures of a family forced into a monastic life under the threat of mysterious alien creatures that attack at the slightest sound.

The bottle, but drunkenness?

With the advent of the electric car, the Affalterbach firm still hopes arouse the emotion of a blockbuster movieat the wheel of its future models, despite the absence of roaring displacements under their hoods. This is the premise of this impressive concept car harbinger of the very first 100% electric model exclusively developed for AMGby 2025.

Innovative Technology

Unfortunately not very verbose, this study does not disclose no technical characteristicsexcept that it employs an axial flux electromotor developed by the British firm Yasa, which the Daimler group recently acquired. This technology differs from the usual radial flow machines by its energy density up to 2.5 times higher depending on the models, when torque is improved by around 30%.

Stylistic indications

While waiting for the mass production of this innovative process, let’s appreciate the monolithic surfaces of this splendid 4-door coupé which almost rises to the rank of sculpture by freeing itself from side windows. More concretely, we will keep in mind its front light signature that will probably apply to future sports cars electricity from the German sorcerer.

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