In the Spiral of the US Camp of Casson (44)

The PVA, Old Vehicle Heritage, delighted us again, during this new edition of the Camp US de Casson, in the usual and superb setting of the Château du Plessis. After two years of patience, during which the association was able to refine its event, it was expected… and did not disappoint.

Éric, Yann and the whole company won us over with this new program and their major daily themes. Like me, the public got sucked into the spiral of this exceptional event… Let’s see all that, together.

Three intense days

Friday noon, preparations were going well, the camp was taking shape, and many military vehicles, from the smallest to the most invasive, have already taken up residence on the lawns. We were expecting a hundred. A central aisle was forming little by little, so as to make movement more fluid. Indeed, this weekend, things changed, and every day…

Local schoolchildren even came to get information on the communication methods of yesteryear at the Château du Plessis.

Lunchtime was drawing in, and Friday, the food was only for the rogues. With four rolling kitchens, the grub, too, was set up, even if certain essential foodstuffs were difficult to find, with this period of national food shortage.

Of course, the outer enclosure of the Château du Plessis is still just as vast. We settled down as we wanted, in a group, or in a small section… In the sun, or in the shade… Or even like these two charming ones, on the steps of the Château, with a panoramic view.

No siesta, even for those who have come a long way. No obligation, Chief… Come who wants, it’s a “recreation” afternoon.

A beautiful clearing was offered to us, where finally we will have to tighten, so many were interested. If some will remain as spectators, for others, the playground was open to all the daring. Enjoy as you see fit, because it’s better in pictures…

The return to Casson US Camp will be done under a few attentive and responsible eyes…

Saturday morning, we broke camp…

Ask for the program… On Saturday, 50 km in the surroundings, with a good hundred vehicles in procession. It was time to polish his look and possibly his material. Only the Sherman tank remained in order.

From 9:30 a.m., the string of vehicles formed on the route. We will have crossed several surrounding villages. Everything was superbly framed… With in particular the motorcyclists of the gendarmerie, well supported by a huge deployment of civilian motorcyclists. The reception is more and more intense, during our visit, with an attentive and grateful public.

Short break, before the end. Everything was being reorganized so that the sold procession from Camp US de Casson arrived en masse from the smallest vehicle to the most imposing military behemoths.

We were eagerly awaited, in Nort sur Erdre, with these hurdles of an audience, impressed by the gigantic parade offered at home.

Maybe it’s time to do a little inventory on the vehicles at US Camp Casson.

Dozens of jeeps personalized at will, according to their owners. Nice variety of Dodge, WC 13, WC 50 series, and even WC 60 6-wheel series. Several GMC and Half Track. an armored M8, And two Citroen T23 U A “curved wings” and a “flat wings” model also stand out.

Not fighting this one, but very useful for travel, this friendly International M425 Tractor.

The heaviest, even the very heavy, those who would still surprise my audience: Warl France “, and the Brockway B666 in charge of its elements Treadway and rubberized canvas floats, as well as the surprising amphibious DUKW.

A few civilian vehicles accompanied the procession to the US Camp in Casson, made up in particular of most of the cars of theAssociation Transmissionorganizer of the regional show “FREEDOM NIGHT”. We will come back to this later…

Nort sur Erdre, will offer us much more

The audience was still present. The respite, here near the Port, and near the real start of the Nantes to Brest Canal, is not for now. The Festival continued with renewed vigor, and room for major manoeuvres.

The very heavy is in the spotlight and the exhibitions were taking shape. The Erdre stretch of water is welcoming and on Saturday, the peaceful ducks had to give way to two invading behemoths, still operational, but from another time.

the Brockday came first on the scene. This specialized vehicle allowed the transport and the installation in autonomy, of floating bridge. The best-known episode in the operational use of the bridge Treadway by the French army takes place during the crossing of the Rhine by the 1st Army of General de Lattre de Tassigny, in March 1945.

Large-scale demonstration, with first of all the inflation of the enormous rubber boat, then its launching…

amphibian DUKW (Duck in French), landing from Belgium, showed up in turn, and without hesitation, entered this magnificent and immense piece of water. the DUKW 353 is an amphibious intended for the unloading of cargo ships in the absence of Ports. It was designed in 1941 by the firm Sparkman and Stephens Inc. During the Second World War, 21,247 units were produced.

Round trips, then an accompaniment with the masterful canoe. The public takes full eyes… Superb moment…

A Sunday in history and with family at Camp US de Casson

the Sherman tank frees itself from its post of guard, and Sunday the company had to break camp quickly for the Commemoration of May 8, 1945, at the local monument.

The crowd was present, again, at the Château du Plessis

The parade was important on the return from the ceremony, and in Breton music, with the bagad of Blain (44). Military vehicles and a fine accompaniment of pre-war vehicles paraded.

Several Citroëns, Citroëns, C4s, Rosalies, then Traction Avants, light ones, a 15/6, and personalized ones. Uncommon Opel Olympia, as well as this pretty fake Salmson S4 coupe (that we tried some time ago, it’s to be seen here).

Renault JuvaquatreMonoquatre Cabriolet, Primaquatre formed a fine diamond company. We added a Simca/Fiat 5 and then a magnificent blue Peugeot 302.

The 2 wheels were obviously part of the trip. Side or solo, Harley, BMW, Terrot… Zundapp… Even with ladies, on their handlebars!

A little further, for those who like the old, more civil ones and after 1944, the US Camp at Casson reserved parking for visitors to the old ones.

What a weekend!!!

Still good moments of pleasure spent in the middle of the French heritage. The Old Vehicle Heritage of Cassonknew how to captivate us, by offering us exceptional moments and well accompanied by a weather, it also extraordinary… We leave with unusual memories… Thank you for the cooperation of ToTof, and my Jeep drivers, assigned… See you soon .

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