In reverse on the highway, he blocks traffic before leaving quietly

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So here we are really dealing with a strange video. Moreover, even its author does not understand all that is happening there. He is therefore content to describe the scene and that is madness.

According to him, the driver of the mercedes that we see on the screen is completely naked. It’s crazy enough but, on top of that, it’s in reverse on the freeway. And when the person filming returns his telephonewe can see that it is blocking a lot of traffic.

‘Cause you guessed it, in reverse on the highwayit does not travel at more than 30 km/h. But after a few seconds, the urge takes him to leave normally. And even for that, his maneuver is strange.

To do this, he offers us a superb half-turn in two stages which almost ended in an accident with the author of the video which you can discover below. There is therefore no real doubt that this motorist is not in his normal state.

A funny freak

There, the motorists who passed in the corner really fell on a strange fanatic. When this happens, it is better not to approach too close and quickly contact the police because he should not be left behind the wheel.

Clement Fauriel

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