In pictures and video: Our 2022 Infiniti QX60 Experience in California

Infiniti has fully developed its all-new 2022 QX60 to enable drivers to face the various challenges of life in an elegant and comfortable manner. This is based on a powerful engine that matches its exceptional performance with the elegant exterior design of the car and its quiet interior.

Based on feedback from previous owners of the QX60, Infiniti’s latest sports car, Infiniti engineers and designers focused on several key areas to deliver a vehicle that ensures its drivers can adapt to a variety of driving conditions with the highest levels of comfort, ease and quiet, from daily commutes to family and leisure trips. The best-selling SUV with three rows of seats.

Here are the main features of the new car:

Facing the challenges of a daily commute

The 2022 INFINITI QX60 makes everyday commutes easier than ever with a suite of technologies and improvements that make frequent stops while driving a breeze.

The transmission, which is fitted with a highly responsive nine-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters and drive mode selector.

The all-new 2022 QX60 features a wide range of shift ratios in terms of powertrain compared to its predecessor.

The all-new nine-speed automatic transmission uses a torque converter, ensuring more responsive acceleration in the QX60 and lower noise levels.

The first low gear provides 60% more thrust compared to the previous version of the car, allowing the car to operate with higher performance and drive with more confidence.

Longer gears for higher gearbox speeds ensure long trips at lower engine revolutions per minute, providing greater levels of comfort and quietness in the cabin.

The QX60 is equipped with INFINITI’s optimized Intelligent All-Wheel Drive System with Direct Coupling to improve handling and response on wet, slippery, or sandy roads.

Compared to the system used in the previous version, the all-new all-wheel-drive system in the QX60 makes response time and reaction almost instant, rather than 0.3 seconds, even before the driver realizes the need.

About 50% of the available engine power (279 hp / 350 Nm from the 3.5-liter V6) can be redirected to the rear wheels for greater stability and responsiveness.

The Active Limited Slip Brake System ensures torque is redirected from side to side to ensure the use of wheels with the best stability.

The cockpit of the all-new QX60 offers an enjoyable and refined driving experience in all three rows of seats

The cockpit features soft quilted leather seats from the new Autograph class in the first and second rows, decorated with quilted patterns inspired by ripples on the surface of the water.

The seats are available with a temperature control feature that draws air in and keeps it away from the front row passengers to provide more comfort.

The front row features innovative zero-gravity seating.

First-row seats have a comfortable massage function available with three pre-set programs (lumbar, relaxation, recovery) to ensure that passengers are calm and relaxed after a long day.

The second row features exclusive Autograph leather seats, allowing passengers to enjoy a more comfortable seating experience in a spacious space.

– The use of an improved ventilation system and air vents on the headliner in the cabin to provide more comfort for the second-row and third-row side seats.

The cabin is available with a high-performance 17-speaker Bose® audio system to deliver a crystal-clear audio experience, no matter the source.

– Heated feature is available for the second-row seats (side seats).

The cockpit includes the new Infiniti InTouchTM infotainment system, a 12.3-inch interactive touch screen, with Apple CarPlay wireless system, and Android Auto that works via the USB port.

A dedicated wireless charging base is available in the central control platform, which supports charging iPhone Pro Max phones, ensuring that the devices remain connected and can be charged with ease.

Interior improvements throughout the cabin and even in hidden spaces

The second-row seats feature a more rigid structure with a dynamic damper, which reduces the level of vibrations in the cabin.

– The QX60 offers a more comfortable and flexible driving experience thanks to the advanced dual-piston shock absorbers, as well as the use of thicker front and rear stabilizer bars to improve driving comfort levels and take responsiveness to an entirely new level and ensure a more agile ride (higher front roll resistance factor stiffness by 28%, while the stiffness of the roll-back resistance coefficient was 14% greater.

The QX60 features a quieter cockpit thanks to the use of more sound-absorbing materials, thicker windows for the second-row seats, and a polished windshield that isolates sound and noise when driving on the roads.

Better support on the highways

The all-new QX60 features the ProPILOT Assist system, which is available for the first time in this type of car in the Middle East, in addition to the updated driver assistance feature.

Enhanced Pro Pilot Assist capabilities within single lanes of the road using more natural steering and braking inputs to ensure a smoother driving experience.

The automatic cruise control feature can instantly adjust the vehicle’s speed based on information from the cameras.

Smarter technologies ensure the QX60 can be easily moved around town and simplify parking

The car is available with the Around View® system, available with moving object detection, which provides a clearer and more accurate picture to enhance driver awareness and attention while driving.

Optional front and rear parking sensors help drivers park their cars around town more easily.

The car is available with a 10.8-inch screen, to display vital information on the windshield via double mirrors that can be seen even while wearing polarizing sunglasses.

– 12.3-inch Infiniti Dynamic Adjustable Display, the information contained in it can be read easily thanks to its high-resolution screen.

  • Enhanced power steering system to ensure ease of maneuverability at low speeds.

The Gulf markets (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar) rely on ProPilot Assist, unlike the Middle East markets (Lebanon, Jordan, and Azerbaijan).

Enjoy with the family in style

The QX60 has unique features that meet the needs of family members and provide a more comfortable and easy experience on daily trips while enjoying sports activities during the weekends and taking children to school and trips.

One-touch access to the third-row seats makes it easy to move in and out between the rear seats without having to remove the child safety seat installed in the second row.

There are approximately four child seat attachment points using the LATCH system, ensuring that children are seated comfortably (including third-row seat latch anchors on the driver’s side).

In the cabin, there are about 7 USB ports in each seat row, allowing for charging entertainment devices on the go.

The cabin can be entered more easily thanks to the rear doors, which have a larger area compared to the previous generation. The third-row seats can also be accessed more flexibly, thanks to ample passage space when the second-row seats are tilted forward.

There are about 14 beverage holders (10 cup holders, and 4 bottle holders).

More space inside the cabin, and unique ways to take advantage of it

A panoramic sunroof is standard on all models.

Total passenger space has been increased by 215.2 liters over its predecessor to improve comfort in the second and third rows.

Luggage storage capacity has been increased when the third-row seats are folded to 1,178 liters.

The second and third-row seats can be folded forward to provide a semi-flat space behind the front seats, ensuring that the available cargo space is maximized.

The underfloor storage space behind the third-row seats has been significantly increased to 54.1 liters, an increase of nearly 21 liters compared to the previous version.

Theater-style seating, allowing the second and third-row seats to enjoy a better outside view.

The Infiniti QX60 2022 offers a unique experience that is no less than the destinations you are going to, whether on the road or in the city. The new generation of the Infiniti QX60 with all-wheel drive is scheduled to arrive in the Middle East markets in early 2022.

Important considerations:

A comprehensive suite of active safety features is available on all QX60 vehicles, including Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Recognition, High Beam Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Warning, and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert. Rear automatic braking system.

Most QX60 models are equipped with Intelligent Vehicle Cruise Control

The active front grille helps support aerodynamic efficiency, especially when driving on the highway. The grille remains closed during driving conditions to provide maximum aerodynamic efficiency but remains open when the car requires higher performance and control of the powertrain temperature.

Do you need to transport a large number of people? Or do you have a lot of equipment? The Infiniti QX60 simplifies these tasks.

The standard electric tailgate on all QX60s helps ensure luggage is loaded more easily than ever before.

Durable third-row seats help make seating tuning in the QX60 simpler on every journey.

The smart rearview mirror provides a clear view behind the vehicle when tall objects obstruct the rearview.

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