In New York, seized motorcycles are not spared!

As in all big cities, the municipality of New York must crack down on violations and illegal parking. Here, we are dealing with all the motorcycles seized and you will see, they do not take the lead to get rid of them.

Rather than taking the motorcycles to the scrapyard one by one, the city of New York decided to organize a public event in order to mark the spirits and, perhaps, force bikers to realize that not everything is allowed to them.

They can’t park anywhere and if they don’t pick up their mount at the pound for a while, that’s what will happen.

Indeed, at brooklynthe media were invited to the destruction in good and due form of a hundred motorcycles using… a bulldozer! The images are extremely impressive and the ease with which this contraption crushes two-wheelers is, let’s face it, a little satisfying.

Crushed like crisps

Under the weight of this bulldozer, the motorcycles all folded one after the other. Ah, that’s for sure, they won’t roll anymore! Here, the inhabitants of New York are now warned, the slightest mishap on a motorcycle can be very expensive.

Without asking the rest of the owners, the local authorities destroyed these two-wheelers in the most spectacular way possible.

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