In full reverse, she loses control of her car!

While trying to get out of her home, this motorist from Newark, Delaware (USA), found herself in a very complicated situation.

After engaging the reverse gear on his SUV, this driver lost control without us being able to explain how. Anyway, the 4×4 first hit the neighbors’ car before continuing on its way slowly.

Fortunately, the shock was not very violent but everything was filmed! Yes, the surveillance camera of the famous neighbors captured the whole scene and you will see it, it is completely incredible.

Because yes, the poor woman did not simply miss her reverse gear. No, she also fell out of her SUV and was forced to run after him to stop him!

More fear than harm

In the end, everything ended more or less well for this motorist who obviously did not understand what was happening to her. Fortunately, the damage was minimal and no one was injured.

Anyway, looking at these pictures, the neighbors must have had a good laugh. At least that’s it because it was necessary to pass the pill of the collision on the car parked in front of the house…

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