In full delivery, the pick-up is packing up!

On June 12, a surveillance camera placed in Osceola Mills, Pennsylvania, captured a scene completely improbable but above all worthy of Video Gag!

While delivering a handmade chicken coop (yes, yes, a chicken coop), this motorist saw his work go to pieces. How ? It’s simple, by parking to meet buyers he quite stupidly forgot to engage the handbrake of his pick-up.

Result, the latter made the trunk in the descent, taking with him the famous chicken coop installed at the back on a trailer. Confronted with this, the culprit tried to intercept everything before it turned into a disaster but you can imagine, he did not succeed…

It’s grated…

After working for hours on making this luxury chicken coop, the poor man could do nothing to save him. Because yes, in this small steep descent, the pick-up held the road more or less, but the trailer behind completely overturned.

So yes, you are going to tell us that the motorist could have simply engaged the handbrake to avoid that and you know what? Well you are right!

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