In a daze, this grandmother tries to put gas in her Tesla

Fuel prices are on the rise again but it’s still not enough for this granny who is still trying to fill up on gas on her Tesla.

We don’t know what Madame had consumed before coming to fill up her car, but if you want our opinion, it was good… Indeed, this grandmother seemed completely west when fueling his Tesla at a gas station.

But if it was only her little eyes that betrayed her, but no! One element easily suggested that this lady looking like a “reggae version cake granny” had consumed illicit substances.

Yes, rather than recharging its You’re herethe grandmother tried, without even realizing his stupidityto put gasoline in it. Faced with this, the author of the video, completely hilarious, could not help but draw his phone.

She’s not about to leave

Wanting to put gas in a Tesla, this poor lady must not have left that gas station quickly… Also, a comment below the video (correctly) points out that the grandma doesn’t even pull the trigger on the gas gun. Mind you, given her condition, maybe it wasn’t so bad that she stayed there.

Because yes, as we told you previously, Madame was on another planet at that time.

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