Important tips to reduce the consumption of gasoline in your car

Al Murabaa Net – With the recent surge in energy prices globally, many motorists are seeking effective ways to reduce gasoline consumption in their cars, in order to save money and extra expenses.

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Therefore, today we are going to show you important tips that guide the consumption of gasoline.

Carrying out periodic maintenance of the car on time, taking care to change oils, filters and spark plugs.

Avoid heating the car in the morning for a long time, as only half a minute is enough to warm up, and then move at a low speed.

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It is preferable to turn off the engine when stopping for more than 30 seconds in traffic lights and crowded places.

Avoid driving in crowded places, and this can be done by relying on navigation systems, which provide real-time data.

Adjust tire air pressure as recommended by the car manufacturer, as increasing or decreasing pressure leads to higher gasoline consumption.

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Avoid extreme braking maneuvers and unnecessary acceleration and try to go at the same pace and at a speed that does not exceed an extended range From 80 to 100 km.

Removing excess loads from the luggage compartment, as excessive loads in the car lead to greater effort for the engine, which leads to higher gasoline consumption.

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Avoid pressing the accelerator pedal while descending slopes, as it is preferable to let gravity operate normally during descending depressions and apply the brakes when needed.

When traveling for long distances on the highway, it is preferable to close the car windows while turning on the air conditioner, so that the rush of air in the cabin does not cause resistance to the movement of the car, thus removing double effort from the engine.

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It is preferable not to turn on the air conditioner while driving in crowds, because it increases gasoline consumption by 20%, and it is also preferable not to turn on the air conditioner when starting the car.

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