“I ask myself questions every day”

Invited on the set of the famous debate program “Question Time”, Sebastian Vettel spoke about environmental issues that concern motorsport and society.

On the occasion of the Miami Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel appeared with a t-shirt and helmet bearing a message announcing that in 2060, Miami “would be the first Grand Prix under water”. The quadruple world champion had notably pointed the finger the hypocritical behavior of the discipline towards these ecological constraints.

Thursday, the Aston Martin driver participated in the famous BBC talk show “Question Time”to raise environmental issues around motor racing. Sebastian Vettel reacted on various themes: the invasion of Ukraine, Brexit, energy consumption and climate change.

The host, Fiona Bruce, started the debate by referring to the German’s comments and whether it made him a hypocrite to speak on these themes while taking part in “one of the most energy-intensive sports oil in the world”. To which he replied:

These are questions I ask myself every day. I am not a saint. I am very worried when it comes to the future of these topics, energy, energy dependence and where we are going in the future. On energy, we must stop being dependent, there are solutions in place. In Britain you have this sort of gold mine that you sit on, which is wind and you have the ability to augment your energy supply with wind, solar. Each country has its strengths and weaknesses. If you go to Austria, they have the Alps and they have water, they can pump it, store it and bring it back down. Going back to what you said, it’s true. It’s something I wonder. »

Ms Bruce reacted by asking for clarification on the racing driver’s thoughts and whether it relates to his future:

“There are some things I can control and some I can’t. It’s my passion to drive a car, I love it, every time I get in the car, I love it. When I get out of the car, of course I wonder if this is something we should dotraveling around the world, wasting resources. We amuse people, during COVID we were among the first to reboot, when everyone’s head was about to explode. There were Formula 1 races resuming. I’m not saying that Formula 1 has a huge position in the world to provide entertainment.

But if you’re talking about entertainment, sports, culture, comedy, a lot of people couldn’t perform, and a lot of people missed it. I think if we didn’t have that, in general, we’d probably go crazy. But there are a lot of these questions that I ask myself, there are things that I do because I feel I can do better. Do I fly every time? No, not when I can take the car. But there are some things that I control and some that are out of my control. »

Sebastian Vettel has still not spoken on his future in the discipline. But given the performance of his current team and the commitments of the native of Heppenheim, it is very likely to see him finish his sporting adventure at the end of the 2022 season.

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