hundreds of liters leak near Albertville

Due to a technical problem, a tanker truck leaked hundreds of liters of fuel near Albertville. The disaster was brought under control.

This Monday, around midday, Savoyard firefighters intervened on quite an unprecedented case. Indeed, a tank truck transporting several hundred liters of fuelwas victim of a leaknear Albertville.

The latter was caused by ” a failure of tank safety devices indicates the carrier, present on site, in comments reported by France Blue. The tanker was therefore unable to deliver its precious goods to the Géant Casino service station which it had to refuel.

Worse, the activities even had to be interrupted. A security perimeter has been put in place to avoid any risk of fire, explosion or pollution. A twenty firefighters intervened to maintain the latter and contain the leak, while a body of water was near the service station.

A fuel leak after the operation at 0.85 euro per liter

We imagine in any case that the managers of the service station must not have appreciated. Just like customers. At least this incident did not happen this weekend. As for many weeks, the Géant Casino brands indeed offered a liter of fuel at 0.85 euro.

An operation that seems to be popular, since it is updated every weekend or almost, for several weeks. This last works in an interesting way. Where most other brands offered “simple” discounts on prices, or fuel at cost price, Casino distributes vouchers.

A means of pushing consumption, of products, as well as of fuels. All this while allowing households to preserve a certain purchasing power. This, while the fuel budget weighs more and more heavily. And don’t risk getting lighter, with the new rate increase this week.

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