His car breaks down on a downhill and he comes up with the worst idea in the world

When his car dropped him at the top of a descent, this motorist found nothing better to do than to push her while being on his skateboard. As you can imagine, it went wrong.

Faced with this descent and with his car stranded, the author of this video thought it would be a good idea to accompany his vehicle from his skateboard.

Only then, what had to happen happened, the car picked up a lot of speed and from its board, the skater couldn’t do anything to prevent the crash.

No, the only thing he managed to save was himself! This is already great news but with all the accumulated speed, ihe was forced to send his car into the ditch and luckily he didn’t get stuck under the wheels with his skateboard.

Objectively it was a very bad idea, but at least it didn’t end in disaster and that’s the main thing here.

I have no words. from IdiotsInCars

You had to suspect

Now that we know that everything ended well for this skater who is a little too fond of thrills, we can laugh at these images. And we’re not going to lie to each other, the moment he realizes it’s a bad idea is just hilarious.

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The bad example: flashed at 166 km / h, he was going to drop off his child for the Highway Code exam

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