He wants to show off on his motorcycle, it turns out badly for him

Wanting to show off in front of the camera, this biker threw himself into a wheelie on the highway. But you will see, the reception still needs a little work…

As soon as he saw the camera, the biker set out to shine for his fans (probably his family and friends). Only here, rsuccessful wheelie takes a lot of practice and the freeway is definitely not the best place for it.

But that, this Sunday stuntman only thought of it too late. In effect, after showing off for a few seconds having knelt on his saddle, he wanted to rest his front wheel on the asphalt.

Yes, but here we are, as we said before, his receptions will still have to be worked on because you will see it, it is planted in beauty.

Idiot on a bike (Israel) from IdiotsInCars

A good lesson

If this fall had to put his ideas back in place, this biker was certainly not seriously injured. No, it’s rather his ego that must have taken a hit, but it’s not so bad.

Let’s hope that this stupidity teaches him at least humility and that showing off on a motorcycle as in a car only brings trouble. The proof once again with this video.

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