He leaves the door of his Tesla open and he crashes into a bus!

Captured in the UK, this video shows an impressive accident between a Tesla Model X and a bus. But you’ll see, you don’t have to look far to find a culprit.

Having butterfly doors is very nice, but you have to remember to close them before hitting the road. Unfortunately here, the driver of this Tesla Model X forgot this slight detail and it may well cost him dearly.

Because yes, on leaving, its right door remained raised. As a result, his Model X took up much more space on the road. But that, the motorist in question did not realize. And he is the only one since everyone stopped to see how things were going to turn out.

And unsurprisingly, they didn’t turn out well at all! Indeed, the door got caught in the windshield of a bus passing by…

Material damage

If no injuries are to be declared during this incident, the Tesla took a huge hit. Logic you will tell us. Well yes, the protruding door was completely dismantled in the collision with the bus. As for the latter, the damage is not too significant except on the windshield of course.

It was a stupid and so avoidable accident but what do you want some motorists are so airheaded that they can forget to close a door and leave without realizing it!

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