He knocks over an apprentice biker and his reaction is completely mind-blowing!

This is what is called in the jargon, a big c**. There are no other words to describe this motorist who is as little gifted as he is badly brought up.

While he was in the middle of a driving lesson, this young biker was knocked down at the exit of the highway. He was absolutely not at fault since the driver at the origin of this accident came out of nowhere to get out before everyone else.

Only here, he had not seen the motorcycle in front of the driving school car and he therefore knocked it down violently. Luckily, the young biker didn’t appear to be seriously injured and even started to get up before the video ended.

But you will see it, craziest in this storyit is most certainly the reaction of the culprit after the accident…

Guy knocks down a learning biker and then checks his car first from IdiotsInCars

A problem of priorities

Yes, the driver at fault stopped after hitting the biker. He didn’t run away as some might have imagined, but he didn’t care about the victim at all.

No, what really interested him was the state of his front bumper… You’re not dreaming, his only priority after this accident was to make sure his car was not marked…

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