He knocks down a delivery man and flees with the bike stuck under his car

This Sunday, May 15, in the heart of Paris, a Deliveroo delivery man was run over by a car. And rather than make sure everything was okay, the driver fled…

What a mentality … After knocking down a delivery man on a bicycle Republic Squarethe conductor of this Renault Scenic fled. His attitude therefore deeply shocked passers-by, but it is not the craziest part of this story.

No, what is even more incredible here is that the motorist in question sfled with the bike still stuck under his car… He therefore dragged the two-wheeler for several meters without even worrying about the state of health of the delivery man he had just knocked down.

Normal …

Necessarily, the Scénic made a funny impression with that bike stuck under the frame. But at the end of the video, we can see that many people have started on foot after him.

Unfortunately, we do not know what happened after that, but it is to be hoped that the driver was caught before fleeing definitively.

The goal, that he remembers the lesson and above all, that the delivery man knocked down is compensated following this accident!

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