He found nothing better than a shopping cart to tow his caravan

In the heart of the California desert, you can see anything and everything. But in this video, it’s the perfect example of the famous nonsense!

Some motorists (if you can call it that) are really able to surprise us with completely mind-boggling installations.

This is the case here, but beware, this is not a small installation. Oh no we are still talking about a caravan towed by a supermarket shopping cart.

And all of this, right in the middle of the road, of course. Because yes, if even the individual had made the effort to stay on the edge of the road, but not even!

Fortunately, dn this small town, the traffic does not seem to be extremely dense …

Normal …

Faced with such a situation, the author of this video had to draw his phone. Logically, it’s not every day that you can witness this kind of thing.

It’s true, thanks to the internet and its follies, we have the right to videos, each crazier than the other, but to live it in real life, that’smust be even more impressive.

Moreover, in passing, one really wonders how far this man intended to go with his installation, but wherever it was, he was not about to get there at this pace.

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