Fewer insects crushed on license plates, really bad news?

On May 6, a British study came to report a figure which, on paper, seems trivial. Indeed, since 2004, insects crushed by cars are less and less numerous. But that raises a real problem…

In 2004, 0.238 flying insects were crushed per mile (1.6km) on average. Only here, volunteers from the nature conservation organization Kent Wildlife Trust and The Invertebrate Conservation Trust (Buglife) revealed that in 2021, this figure had decreased by 60%.

If motorists can rejoice in killing fewer insects, this especially denotes the overall decrease of these living beings in the air.

New proof that our ecosystem is not doing well and which confirms the many alarming studies on the environment. What was therefore a simple study about a little strange is in fact a new alarm bell.

An alarming trend

This study only takes into account the figures of 2004, 2020 and 2021, it is necessarily to be taken with a grain of salt. Yes, but here we are, there is still a clear trend towards the disappearance of insects over the years.

Moreover, another German study dating from 2017 confirms this by evoking an 80% drop in 30 years as explained by our colleagues from the magazine Reporterre.

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