Esteban Ocon does not digest his penalty

9th at the finish then 12th in the standings following the 5-second penalty imposed after his contact with Lewis Hamilton, Esteban Ocon does not understand this decision.

In the struggle with Lewis Hamilton for 8th place, Esteban Ocon was found guilty of contact with the Briton (see the video below). For this manoeuvre, the Alpine driver was deemed guilty by the race management and fined 5 second penalty.

On arrival, these 5 seconds added to his race time projects the Frenchman from 9th to 12th positionand therefore out of the points. The consequence is dramatic for the Viry-Châtillon clan which could have overtaken the Alfa Romeo team in ranking of buildersif their pilot had finished at his initial position.

In the press area, Esteban Ocon said to himself indignant and furious of this penalty at the microphone of Canal+. The race direction confessed to being agree with the pilotbut remains constrained to have to apply the sports regulations :

“We went to review the images and the marshals to get an explanation for this 5-second penalty (following contact with Lewis Hamilton). They told us there is a new rule in place. Now, when a car is inside, well, the one that is attacked takes the penalty. If it was last year it would have ended in a racing incident. But now that has changed and they (the marshals) are not happy about this new rule either so I don’t quite understand. It ruins the weekend. We could have stayed home…

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