End of the combustion engine in 2035: Germany says no!

The German government will not apply the European legislation providing for the banning of thermal cars in 2035. The country wishes to keep thermal engines.

The German government will not ratify the text of the European Union foreseeing the ban on the sale of thermal cars by 2035. Finance Minister Christian Lindner has explicitly opposed to this decisionthis Tuesday, at an event organized by German industries.

As reported by the news agency Reutershe thus declared that he would continue to have niches there for combustion engines. A ban was therefore not not good and the government of the country would not accept this legislation European. While adding that Germany would be still a leading market for electric vehicles.

Still, this should not concern only a small number of thermal vehicles. Two visions clashed in fact in the European Parliament on 8 June. One, voted by majority, was to ban heat engines for cars and light commercial vehicles. The other advocated that thermal engines remain authorized in small quantities. A position notably carried by German manufacturers.

The 27 Member States must define their position on the heat engine

After this vote, a period of negotiations began, in order to define the positions of the 27 Member States of the European Union. Germany is therefore the first to get out of this ban decried by professionals and builders. This country might not be alone in doing so. France or Italywith a large automobile industry, could also estimate that this prohibition is not appropriate.

A “Ferrari Amendment” could also see the light of day in this piece of legislation. Its purpose would be to protect small luxury builders. Those producing between 1,000 and 10,000 cars each year would not be affected by the CO2 standards of the coming years and should stop thermal models in 2036. Those producing less than 1,000 vehicles would not even be affected by this ban. A new vote is scheduled for June 28for Council of Europe member states.

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