Elon Musk questions the data on fake accounts

Elon Musk questions the data transmitted by Twitter on spam and fake accounts. He threatens to withdraw his takeover offer.

Will Elon Musk really buy Twitter? The question arises, both the billionaire native of South Africa blow hot and cold since he announced to buy the social network, at the end of last April. Latest statement from Tesla boss is even freezing.

The billionaire threatens to withdraw its buyout offer. He indeed questions the data transmitted by the network to the Blue Bird on spam and fake accounts. All accounts created and run by fake people or to troll (artificially create controversy), for example.

Twitter would “actively” resist according to Elon Musk regarding his requests for information on bots (robots) and spam, reads a recent stock market document. What he sees as a manifest violation of the obligations of the social network as part of its takeover bid.

Elon Musk on reserve

Consequently, “Elon Musk reserves all rights resulting therefrom, including his right not to consummate the transaction and his right to terminate the merger agreementreads a letter to Twitter’s chief legal officer.

“Twitter’s latest offer to simply provide additional details relating to its testing methodologies, whether through written materials or verbal explanations, amounts to decline data requests advanced by Elon Musk. »

The social network defends itself however. In mid-May, Parag Agrawal had explained at length the measures taken by Twitter to fight against fake accounts. According to him, less than 5% of platform accounts were fake. Which obviously did not convince Elon Musk. He doubted the veracity of this information. “How can advertisers know what they are really paying? »he had tweeted.

Twitter takeover process continues

Still, the procedure continues. The American competition authorities have in fact not found nothing wrong with this buyout. Would Elon Musk’s strategy be to reduce the value of the network to buy it back at a lower cost?

Remember that the American offer $44 billion to buy the network. He actually offered $54.20 per share in April. To see how this will evolve in the future, with the statements of each other. With its nearly 97 million subscribers on the networkthe boss of Space X has strong communication power.

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