Elon Musk admits that his new factories are losing “billions”

The brand recently opened its new sites in Berlin (Germany) and Texas (United States). And not everything goes as planned.

Turbulent period for the boss of Tesla. In a video interview, businessman Elon Musk talks about the commissioning – carried out in the spring – of two new manufacturer assembly siteslocated in Berlin (Germany) and Austin (USA).

These factories are losing crazy amounts right now “says the king of the electric car in this document recorded on May 31 and broadcast this Wednesday by the Youtube channel Tesla Owners Silicon Valleya club of brand vehicle owners. “Billions of dollars,” he explains.

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In question : lack of batteries and logistical difficulties in Chinese ports. Part of the tooling necessary for the growth of production at the Austin plant is thus stuck in Shanghai (China).

There, the factories of Berlin and Austin are giant furnaces burning money. OK ? It’s like a thud, the sound of money burning – Elon Musk

“It can be resolved quickly, but it requires great attention assures the boss. “Berlin is in a slightly more favorable position, because it uses 21/70 (a type of battery used by Tesla, editor’s note.)”

These remarks come at a time when Tesla announced a 10% reduction in its workforce. Elon Musk had indicated in an email to his employees that he had a “very bad feeling” about the economic situation to come.

Photo of a: Wikimedia Commons / Ondřej Žváček + Royal Society / CC by 2.5 and CC by 3.0

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