Donington Historic Festival, simple but extremely effective

This weekend was the Donington Historic Festival which, as its name suggests, brought together historic cars on the Donington Park track in Leicestershire. The proposed recipe was simple, but the mayonnaise took more than well.

I’m not going to hide it, I only covered half of the event, not out of laziness, but out of ignorance of its existence. It was a message from a friend asking me if I was there that made me discover it… the day before.

Discovering Donington Park

The Donington Historic Festival was therefore an opportunity for me to discover a new circuit across the Channel. And I must admit that I should have gone there much earlier!

I had vague memories of Donington Park going back to its fleeting passage in F1 in 1993 and especially of the 500cc motorcycle championship. I remembered a little bump and two nice pins, but that’s about it.

Without being as massive as Silverstone, the circuit offers decidedly modern facilities and, above all, the setting (the grounds of Donington Castle, hence the name) is superb. The area is hilly and provides a bird’s eye view of large portions of the circuit, a real treat for spectators. For photo enthusiasts, things can be a little more complicated, the outside of the track is fenced over almost its entire length, but theinfield allows you to take advantage of almost the entire track.

Seven trays, but excellent choice

The Donington Historic Festival is clearly not on the same scale as a Silverstone Classic but, even if the grids are fewer, this allows you to enjoy them longer on the track.

On the other hand, the grids, as well as a good part of the vehicles involved, are known, and we have the right to the crème de la crème of English historic competitions. Sixties Sub-Two Liter Touring Cars, Pre-1966 Jaguar, Pre-1961 Sports Cars, Pre-War Cars, Pre-1966 Sports and Grand Touring Cars, Pre-1990 Touring Cars and , icing on the cake, Group C.

I must admit that having discovered the program at the last minute, I was more than frustrated not to be able to be present on Saturday. I will have to catch up next year.

Off piste, beautiful clubs

The Donington Historic Festival is no exception to the rule, the clubs present on site offered beautiful pieces in our eyes. You could also see them parading on the track, during the lunch break, as is the tradition.

The paddock also offered the usual selection of businesses and artists. There too, there were few, but there was absolutely nothing to complain about the quality offered to the barge.

The experience, although brief, was more than conclusive, and I must admit that by dint of tasting events such as Silverstone Classic or the two Goodwoods, returning to an event on a more human scale offering the same level of quality on the track does the greatest good. A date which, I think, will become one of my many essentials across the Channel.

If you also want the info, it’s this way.

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