Doing squats can help you catch the bus in Romania!

In order to promote daily physical exercise, the city of Cluj-Napoca, in Romania, has decided to set up a system allowing bus tickets not to be paid for. For this, you have to do squats.

20 squats in 2 minutes, this is now the price of a bus ticket to Cluj-Napoca, in northwestern Romania. On the occasion of SportsFestivalthis small town has set up a smart machine that aims to count the number of flexes performed by passengers.

If they reach the number indicated, they will then be entitled to a free bus ticket.
But this is not the first year that this initiative has been implemented. No, the festival in question is already in its third edition and is a real success in Romania.

The proof, in 2020 already, 55,000 bus tickets had been sold thanks to this little trick. So that was over a million squats, not bad, right?

Even the stars are doing it

In order to promote this initiative, several athletes and headliners of this festival lent themselves to the game. Among them, Gheorghe Hagi and Adrian Mututwo legends of Romanian football, but also Simona Halepformer world number one and figure of tennis in Romania.

Finally, disabled and elderly people who cannot perform these squats will be able to travel for free.

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